At the November meeting Prof. David Killingray spoke on “Radical Voices in Sevenoaks since the 18th Century”. People with radical views can be of any political party or none; they are people who want reform of the current system. The speaker gave many examples of radical people in the Sevenoaks area. They included the 3rd Earl Stanhope who opposed the slave trade along with William Wilberforce. Until 1918 people had to own property in order to vote, and some wealthy radical people bought land to divide it up to allow more people to vote. Other examples of radical causes included agriculture, the provision of main drainage, housing for working class people, green open spaces and education.

The next meeting of the Society will be on Thursday 15th February 2018 at the Undercroft of St. Nicholas Church when Alan Williams will give a talk entitled ‘“Fit for Purpose” – The History of the London Underground’.

Adrienne Rogers
29 November 2017

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